Manurewa Central School


Staff Information 2023

Office Contact Numbers: Phone: (09)269-0250 Fax: (09)266-5488

Senior Management eMail
Mrs Michelle Dibben Principal
Mrs Jan Ene Deputy Principal
Mrs Sandy Griffin Deputy Principal
Office Staff eMail
Mrs Aarmeena Nagra Executive Officer
Miss Kristal Davis Office Manager
ICT eMail
Mrs Patsy France IT Technician/
Network Administrator
TOTARA New Entrants Whānau Group eMail
Miss Natalie Lamb Teacher Totara NL
Miss Heather Robinson Teacher Totara HR
Mrs Siteri Saurara Teacher Totara SS
Mrs Sina Liai Learning Assistant
Mrs Manu Sharma Learning Assistant
PURIRI Year 1 Whānau Group eMail
Miss Karrie Sampson Teacher Puriri KS
Miss Marleen Brown Learning Assistant
Mrs Molini Mapa Learning Assistant
TITOKI Year 1/2 Whānau Group eMail
Miss Rowena Ihaka Teacher Titoki RI
Mrs Cilla Latu Teacher Titoki CL
Mrs Nicole Grant Teacher Titoki NG
Miss Angelina McQuoid Learning Assistant
Mrs Maisoun Dinkha Learning Assistant
Miss Paige Ah You Learning Assistant
KOWHAI Year 2 Whānau Group eMail
Miss Heather Cameron Teacher Kowhai HC
Mr Ashton Bygate Teacher Kowhai AB
Miss Diana Truong Teacher Kowhai DT
Miss Liz Hales Learning Assistant
Miss Lauren Clark Learning Assistant
TI KOUKA Year 3 Whānau Group eMail
Mrs Trudy Simpson Teacher Ti Kouka TS
Mrs Deborah McGrath Teacher Ti Kouka DMG
Miss Emma Enderby Teacher Ti Kouka EE
Mrs Zinnia Lowe Learning Assistant
Mrs Prabhdeep Kaur Learning Assistant
RIMU Year 3/4 Whānau Group eMail
Mrs Karli Van Staden Teacher Rimu KvS
Mrs Krischka Nel Teacher Rimu KN
Miss Denise Ashby Teacher Rimu DA
Mrs Adrienne Airs Learning Assistant
Mrs Ann Rupapera Learning Assistant
Ms Charlotte Loraine Learning Assistant
NIKAU Year 4/5 Whānau Group eMail
Mrs Kylee Sauni Teacher Nikau KS
Mrs Melissa Sowden Teacher Nikau MS
Mr Desmond Chin Teacher Nikau DC
Mrs Nicky Robertson Learning Assistant
Miss Cassandra McQuoid Learning Assistant
KAURI Year 6 Whānau Group eMail
Mrs Sue McHaffie-Green Teacher Kauri SM
Miss Kenyon Radich Teacher Kauri KR
Mrs Gabrielle Fa'apuea Teacher Kauri GF
Mrs Debbie McLean Learning Assistant
Miss Cassandra McQuoid Learning Assistant
Specialist Teachers eMail
Mrs Maria Robb ESOL Teacher ESOL
Miss Bronwyn Hayward Resource Teacher of Literacy RTLIT
Mrs Alice Musuku Resource Teacher of Literacy RTLIT
Mrs Trish Suyker Learning Support Co-ordinator LSC
Ms Rowena Madden Reading Recovery RR
Mrs Robyn Moon Learning Support
Property Staff eMail
Mr Don Cheal Property Manager
Mr Andrew Smith Assistant Caretaker
Mr Amos Sisifeku Groundsperson
Specialist Support eMail
Miss Mariah Scott Social Worker in Schools SWIS
Mrs Sheryl Harris RTLB Liaison RTLB
Mrs Janel Panganiban Rosehill Outreach
Ms Antoinette Williams Rosehill Outreach
Mrs Melissa Farrell Rosehill Outreach
Mrs Anita Lea Pasefika Healthcare Nurse