Manurewa Central Primary School

is situated in the centre of Manurewa, Auckland, New Zealand.

Our school has 25 classrooms, every one of them with a computer. The School also has two speech clinics, a native bush area, all-weather turf area, an administration block, a library, a technology room, an auditorium and an L-shaped swimming pool.

Our school is within walking distance of two main public utilities, the Manurewa Leisure Centre and the Botanical Gardens.

Manurewa Central School provides a challenging learning atmosphere.

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School Mission Statement
  • Picture of children outdoor cooking
  • Putting up tents
  • Swimming
  • Snowplanet
  • a game of hockey
  • School office building
  • Arbor Day planting
  • Monarch Butterfly mural
  • Snowplanet visit
  • Teamwork
  • Balance teams
  • Working together
  • Building wooden art

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